Top 5 Retirement Gifts

Looking for a beautiful and unique retirement gift?
Trying to find something that is both elegant and appropriate for a long career and dedicated employee?
Do not give out a cheap gift to commemorate such a milestone in someone's life.

1. Bring the company logo to life in three dimensions. The logo is unique and should serve as the centerpiece of the gift. Once the logo has been created in three dimensions there are many options for a special gift, such as wall mounts. Cherry wood wall mounts also feature a reversed engraved gold metallic plate or the retirement text can be engraved into the wood with gold letters.

2. Shadow boxes make for an elegant retirement gift. They can feature the company's 3-D logo, a wood engraved panel or a gold or silver reversed engraved metallic plate. Shadow boxes can be hung on a wall or stand freely on a shelf. There are a variety of background colors and they are under glass. 

3. Desktop awards are very popular because of their different design. They feature the company's 3-D logo and a gold reverse engraved metallic plate commemorating the tournament victory and the year. Desktop awards can be displayed on the on a shelf in the home.

4. Distressed wood is one of the newest gifts that has proved very popular across the nation. Products include signs and serving trays that feature the company's logo and retirement information engraved into the distressed wood. Do your homework as some companies only silk screen the logo onto the wood instead of using engraving techniques

5. A new addition to the realm of tournament awards includes ceramic trophies. They are very popular as they come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. They boldly feature the club or tournament logo and all information regarding the victory.

Do not forget about the employees of the month. Employees want to see their names displayed in perpetuity at the company. There are a variety of options to display this history with perpetual panels. The panels can be made in many different colors and wood types to match any interior design. Panels can be just about any shape and feature a bonnet and even the company's 3-D logo.

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