b'Wood Bases Pewter Awards & Tee Gifts10oz Julep Cup Flask Revere Bowl Pedestal Bowl62P $90 8oz648P$150673P$115 63306P$130Round Base with 3D Color LogoRound Base with 3D Logo153P 12oz Beaded Beaker$1109oz649P$175 8 75P$150 8 3308P$180and Brass Plate and Pewter or Brass Plate 9 76P $195 103311P $4006.5 x 7.5WB01$345 6.5 x 7.5WB02$295 Custom BaseCallforPricingPresidents Cup ReplicaDrink Stirrers Sterling Divot ToolCigar KeeperCall for Pricing Set of 6 GPS/6 $80 813ST $210 2230P $250Custom Bronze on Base Large Perpetual BaseMedium Perpetual Base CallforPricing 9.5 x 5.5WB03$495 6 x 5WB04$3254 Golf Ball Keepsake Box Rectangle PlateWilliamsburg PlatePicture Frame1701P $110 681602P$90 83548P$150 5x71255P $185881600P $140 103550P $280 8x10 1256P $215123552P $395Select items are available in sterling silver.Call for a quote. Perpetual with BrassPerpetual with Gold Custom Bronze Bust on Base$15 for engraved logo and copy.WB05 Startingat$1,995 Metallic PlatesCall for pricing WB06$1,62512 To Order Call 561-223-3960 morellstudios.com 13'