b'Crystal Hundreds of Additional Items Available!Call For DetailsRevere Bowl Dunham Bowl Crystal Revere Bowl5RB01 8DB01 6CR017RB02 10DB02 8CR029RB03 10CR03Crystal Cup White Wine 18.5 oz.8CC01 WW01 9CC02 WW02Set of 210CC03 WW03Set of 412CC04Decanter 32 oz.CD01 Red Wine 18.5 oz. High Ball 15 oz. Low Ball 14 oz.RW01HB01 LB01RW02Set of 2 HB02 Set of 2 LB02 Set of 2 RW03Set of 4 HB03 Set of 4 LB03 Set of 4 morellstudios.com 15'